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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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F2 - Open for Business and Wind Parties!

F2 - Open for Business and Wind Parties!

Need a hair cut, hair styling, grooming, beard trim? Look no further, the F2 Hair and Beauty Salon is now booking appointments—drop-ins also available! On Tuesday, F2 were treated to a hairdressing master class from Mrs Mallaby, proficiently supported by her glamorous apprentice, Mrs P. The children were totally engaged in the demonstration. Mrs Mallaby demonstrated how to massage a client’s scalp - Henry could recommend the treatment! Mrs Mallaby then trimmed and curled Miss Hopkinson’s hair, explaining the different techniques, step by step, and using lots of new vocabulary as she worked. The children were fascinated by all the different techniques and equipment. Of course, every exclusive and elegant salon has the appointment phone constantly ringing - the F2 salon was no exception! Mr Hays rang to book his weekly grooming appointment for a beard trim. The children were enthralled as Mrs Mallaby used the shears to trim his beard. The children asked many intelligent questions. The whole role-play generated lots of beautiful language. The children were making their own connections throughout. When Miss Hopkinson had her hair in curlers, Oliver B thought she looked liked the Queen (in the BFG); Henry thought that the spikey curlers were “like a stegosaurus.” The children also discussed and decided how much the clients should be charged. They agreed that Dexter’s estimation of £4 for Mr Hay’s beard trim and Hayden’s estimation of £10 for Miss Hopkinson’s cut and blow dry, were a fair price. Both clients left very satisfied customers, they were even given a cup of tea to enhance their experience in the F2 Salon! Why not share a role play activity at home with your child? It is such a powerful tool to help your children develop their language, imagination, artistic skills, understanding of the world and social and communication skills. The children in F2 have certainly tried to transfer what they learnt from Mrs Mallaby, in the Hairdressing Salon area - all the children become totally engrossed the moment they set foot in the Salon! If this were not enough, our F2 coiffeurs turned into scientists on Walkabout Wednesday when they investigated the wind! Dressed in lab coats, we all set off for the field. The wind was so strong that we thought that it would be fantastic to make a kite! Whilst Miss Hopkinson and Mrs P were busy making it, our box of resources blew away! We ended up with a strip of paper to hold in the wind - we learnt so much just from watching the paper dance: the way the wind changed direction and the strength of the wind. We loved being out in it! Ethan’s description of a ‘wind party’ was spot on!