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F2 - Metamorphosis and More!

F2 - Metamorphosis and More!

F2 have had a very busy 2 weeks discovering, amongst other things, some scientific wonders of our world around us! Last week we put our literacy and gardening skills to the test. We followed instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed; we have started a Sunflower Blog where we hope to post information on our sunflower’s progress. We will have to use lots of mathematical skills  when we measure and compare. Please visit our blog and see how we get on. Not only have we planted a seed to take home, but yesterday all of F2 planted a sunflower seed in the Sunflower Bed in our Quad. We can’t wait to  see  how our flowers will compare to others planted by the rest of the children in the school. Whilst we were planting the seeds, Nic Parkin, (our eagle-eyed entomologist) spotted and recognised a  black cocoon! Nic and Mrs Parker used the internet to try and find which species it belongs to. Nic thinks that it might be a Sphinx Drupiferamrum, a Large Yellow Underwing or a Darapsa Pholus.  Nic made a viewing receptacle  to keep it in, making sure it had holes in the lid to enable it breathe (thank you Mr Tyson for drilling the holes!). We will let you know what hatches out.  Watch this space...

This last week has been very exciting as we have been monitoring our caterpillars - they have been eating lots and growing lots, just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar we have been reading about. Not only have they grown into big fat caterpillars but they have all built a cocoon ready to metamorphosise. If you don’t know the meaning of metamorphosis, just ask our F2 scientists to explain it to you. Jack drew a cocoon in the soil, in the  tough spot, with a caterpillar in it - he certainly understands the meaning of meatamorphosis.

In number  we have been trying to solve word problems: If my flower had 5 petals and 2 were blown away, how many petals are left?

In gymnastics we have been working hard towards the level 8 Proficiency Award and Badge -  some of us are getting very good at balancing, forward rolls and jumping and landing like a gymnast - will we see any of F2 in future Olympics? Anything is possible!

We travelled back in time, in Caterpillar Music this week, to The Land of the Dinosaurs and the Wild West—Yee Hah! What fun we had!!!

What fun learning is  on the menu for next week?