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F2 - Inspired by the Fairies!

F2 - Inspired by the Fairies!

Our mischievous fairies, who have moved into our foundation unit, have really inspired the children’s work. The children have been extremely busy making fairy wands, writing instructions, building fairy houses in the woods, drawing fairies with pastels, making toadstools, making fairy hats, writing a recount of our trip to the woods, acting out the story of our mischievous fairies and much, much, more!  We loved our walk into the Dyscarr Wood on Monday;  we collected sticks, leaves and moss to build a  fairy house - we worked together in teams, showing good cooperation. Building the fairy houses amongst the yellow archangel and bluebell flowers (we were careful not to pick any of the wild flowers) inspired some fantastic imaginative language! The fairies moved in as soon as the houses were finished!

In maths this week, we have had lots of fun with our version of ‘Yatzee’; using a die to play ‘Make a Train Race’’ and using ‘casino’ dice to help us write number sentences.

We have also planted some beans and are watching them very closely to see how they grow.  We are discovering how to ‘feed’ them. Layton showed fantastic understanding of the  process when he said; “The sun is like a massive food factory for plants.” WOW!!!

The sunflower Oliver has been growing at home is taking off! His mum sent us photo of it.

What fun we have!!!