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F2 - Halloween-themed Fun Learning!

F2 - Halloween-themed Fun Learning!

F2 had a fantastic Halloween-themed week of fun learning! We wrote invitations to each other for our Halloween party day. We also had a Design a pumpkin competition; Nicholas Parkin won with his brilliant design which we used on our huge class pumpkin. We put our counting skills to the test when we counted the pumpkin seeds - how many  do you think were in the pumpkin? We loved putting our hands in Halloween goo and counting the creepy crawlies in it - it smelt so lovely that some of us couldn’t help tasting it!

In gymnastics, we had another amazing session where we did stretch jumps off benches—we had to pull ourselves along on our bellies and our tummies. We are becoming very good gymn

asts!In Phonics we have been filling in phoneme frames on the whiteboard and chopping up the sounds in words - we were very good.

In Caterpillar Music, we had so much fun with the Autumn theme and we even impressed Alison with our own singing in French of  Des Os, [Dry Bones (Dem Bones) ]. What a Spooktacula week!