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F2 - Gymnastic Routines

F2 - Gymnastic Routines

We are working towards our badges and certificates in gymnastics and this week Emma challenged us with a routine. We were fantastic! Why not ask your children to show it to you and practise it at home? We are confident that some of us will pass and achieve the requirements needed for a badge and certificate!


* 3 steps on toes arms out

* Stretch jump

* Balance on one leg

* Forward roll to tuck sit

* Rock backwards and forwards in tuck

* Pike, lie back into dish, lie flat

* Log roll onto tummy, lift to arch

* Lie flat, circle arms round, push to front support

* 2 bunny hops, stand up to finish

Watch this space…

We are working really hard in our independent writing of The Little Red Hen. Have you seen our blog post? Let’s see how much you can remember!

The Giraffes had a wonderful walkabout, in the beautiful sunshine, on Wednesday. We saw lots of flowers growing and leaves beginning to bud on the trees. We saw three buzzards. Two were chasing each other and screeching. We looked at the farmer’s field and spotted a hoof print. Oliver B could say which direction the horse was going in! We had another little paddle in the stream and were back just in time to share Amie’s birthday cake before home time (thank you, Amie!) What a splendid afternoon!

The lovely Mrs Holmes

We have been very lucky to have Mrs Holmes with the Zebras this term. Next week is her last week with us. In the short time she has been with us, she has developed a wonderful relationship with the children and staff. “She is always making nice activities for us,” said Darcie. “She always helps me,” said Lucas G. “We will miss her very much. Can we have a surprise party for her?” said Eden. It is evident that she will be greatly missed by the children and staff alike. We wish her all the best in her next placement and future career.