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F2 - Growing!

F2 - Growing!

F2 have returned after their holiday, raring to go and excited about their topic on growing. Our class book, this week, has been Jasper’s Beanstalk which has inspired us. We have been planting lots of different seeds, labelling plants, writing diary entries; constructing and           role-playing in our ‘garden centre’. In literacy we have been, writing instructions on how to plant a bean - if anyone would like to know how just ask F2; labelling a plant life-cycle; practising our key words with magnetic letters and matching sentences to pictures. In numeracy we have been measuring and recording how tall our friends are; estimating and counting the number of bean seeds we can hold in our hand and sequencing events! Wow, if that were not enough, we have had a fantastic session in Caterpillar Music! The topic this week was Going into the woods - we practised lots of skills including, balancing on a rocking seesaw; finding our way through a wood( without crossing someone else’s path) and           pretending to be trees making music with the rustling leaves. Our orchestra of triangles created a beautiful sound - we tried to count the length of the notes we were creating and discovered that the notes lasted longer than we thought! We can’t wait for next week! A group of F2 children have been following the 10 week Talk Boost programme with Mrs P—they have made so much progress and have graduated! Well done, everyone!