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F2 - Eggcellent Scientists!

In F2 this week we  have continued our work on rhyming words in literacy; we are getting much better at hearing the rhyming pairs! We have looked at them in sentences eg  A cat in a hat. A frog on a log. Do you have any rhyming books at home? Why not bring them in to share with your friends in class?

In number time, we have continued our work on length using the correct mathematical language. We have also had a go at using a ruler!

In gymnastics, we have had another attempt at a ‘seal’ across the bench and a stretch jump off. We then attempted a ‘backwards seal’, which was really tricky! We had to lie on our backs and push ourselves along the bench.

We really had to put our thinking caps on for the Egg Drop Science Day - we came up with some super ideas. We worked together as a team to come up with ideas as to how we could drop an egg without smashing it. Our ideas were:

1. Wrap the egg in string before dropping it

2. Drop the egg on a nest of cotton wool

3. Drop the egg on a rectangle of sponge

We voted to drop the egg onto a rectangle of sponge - we made up a rectangle from the sponges, dropped the egg onto it and guess what? Our egg bounced off the sponges onto the carpet and did not smash!!! We make super scientists - we certainly looked the part in our lab coats!!! Fuelled with the success of our experiment, we then set about trying to improve the protective qualities of an ordinary egg box; I wonder if we should let the major supermarkets know?! The children thoroughly enjoyed the scientific challenges and approached them in many creative ways. Well done F2 scientists, you were eggcellent!!!!