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F2 - Easter Bunny Visitor and a SUPER Week!

F2 - Easter Bunny Visitor and a SUPER Week!

F2 had a very special visitor last week, the Easter Bunny. Miss Hopkinson found a note on her chair from the Easter Bunny saying he had dropped his basket full of eggs in the F2 playground; he asked if we could help him find all the eggs he had lost. Amongst the many eggs were 2 very special golden ones. Of course F2 were more than keen to go on an Easter Egg Hunt. Lente and Riley were the lucky children who found the Golden Eggs and were rewarded with two chocolate eggs,  while the rest of the children received a chocolate egg each. We love the Easter Bunny!

This week in F2 has been SUPER in many ways - our theme has been Superheroes! The children have become designers of Superhero badges. First of all the children designed their badges choosing which materials, shapes and colours to use. Then they made their badge, evaluated it and made improvements, if necessary. We have some super examples. Making the badges helped us  with our 2D and 3D shape recognition—we have been doing lots of work with 2D and 3D shapes this week. Do you know the properties of a cuboid or hexagonal prism? Just come and ask F2 if you are unsure!

We have had a writing competition this week between the boys and girls - they were challenged to access independent writing activities and use key words and sounds that they have learned in their phonics groups—we have had some fantastic pieces of writing! So far, the girls are leading in the challenge, but watch this space, the boys are not far behind!                                

Our Culture Bags continue to bring lots of surprises and the children have been able to share what is an important part of their culture with their friends; there have been so many lovely surprises!