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F2 - Butterflies

F2 - Butterflies

On Monday we went on a hunt for butterflies and took part in the Big Butterfly Count! Miss Hopkinson brought her butterfly net and a special pot to catch them so we could look closely and identify them. We saw loads! 8 different kinds: large white, small white, green veined, meadow brown, ringlet small skipper, speckled wood and a dark green fritillary. It was fantastic! And we can take part at home too - please look at the back of this newsletter for more information.

On Tuesday, Elliott and Ava achieved their Level 8 Proficiency Badge and    Certificate in gymnastics - well done!

We hope you liked the ‘Thank You’ flowers for all your help with reading and homework. Can you believe how much we have grown?

We have been practising songs for the teachers who are leaving. We had a very exciting party day, we even had a water fight! F2 had an incredible year, jam-packed with fun and excitement. We are so proud of how they have grown and blossomed into wonderfully, polite children. We hope they continue to be so eager to learn and positive in Year 1. They are going to love it, but they still need to come back and say hello! Have a brilliant summer F2. Don’t forget to go on lots of walks, spend time with family and friends and enjoy the sunshine. We love you all!!!