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F2 - Archaeologists and Palaeontologists!

F2 - Archaeologists and Palaeontologists!

This half term our topic will be Toys. This week, we have been learning about dinosaurs and using our archaeologist and palaeontologist skills -  we have uncovered dinosaur bones fossils in the sand - we were very careful not to break them and used brushes to clean off the sand. We tried to use the bones to reconstruct the dinosaur skeleton and tried to work out which part of the body the bones came from. We have loved all the dinosaur activities this week! We have made some super dinosaur pictures using straws, why not come and have a look at them in the Foundation unit? We have discussed different dinosaurs and talked about what they might eat - we looked at pictures of the dinosaurs to find clues - dinosaurs with sharp teeth liked to eat meat; dinosaurs with long necks, like the brachiosaurus, could use their necks to reach leaves on tall trees. If you want to know any more facts just ask F2!

In numeracy we used dinosaurs to help us work out 1 less - we are becoming very good mathematicians!

In gymnastics we practised all our shapes—we had to use our good listening skills to follow Emma’s instructions!

Caterpillar Music was A  Visit to the Park, this week. We played lots of listening skill games with Alison and we even played our instruments on the Park Band Stand Alison conducted us - we had to keep a close eye on her to make sure that we played in the right place!  Perhaps some of us might play in a real band or orchestra, one day?

We are very excited about Golden Time on Friday. The ALWAYS Children, who always do the right thing, will have a special  dinosaur treat. What will it be?