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F2 - Amazing Things Are Happening!

F2 - Amazing Things Are Happening!

What an exciting week this has been for F2. We have packed in so much fun-learning  and  our children have  amazed all the teachers with the progress they have been making! Some of our readers have jumped several levels! Others have produced some beautiful written work, whilst some of our children have created lovely models which they have been able to describe in great detail. On Thursday we discussed mini beast habitats and decided to make Bug Hotels. We examined the ones we have in the quad, made a list of the materials we thought we would need and then went off to the woods to collect as much as we could.  We took all the materials back to the unit - some of us worked inside  whilst Elliott (the project manager) and his team, Ella-Mai, Seren and Ben set to making a 5* Des Res Bug Hotel in our Foundation garden. They did a fantastic job - architects,  planners, designers, much talent!

When we came to school on Monday, we found that our butterflies had hatched - we released them during the week; we are looking out for them in our garden, we’re sure they will be back.

Meanwhile, on our Talk Station, our tadpoles are growing bigger by the day and slowly transforming into froglets. Lente is writing a daily report on the subtle changes she can see in the tadpoles. Her Frog Diary is coming on beautifully and all her diary-writing is independent - our own David Attenborough!

In gymnastics Emma has been so impressed with the progress the F2 children are making - some children are VERY close to receiving their level 8 Proficiency Badge and Certificate. Wow!

Caterpillar Music was so much fun, packed with learning about all the “eccentric  things we do in May”: Maypole dancing, Morris dancing, Hanky Dance, rolling a truckle of cheese, Stick dance, Apple Jack Day and Well Dressing. We love finding out about our cultural heritage!

lt's all happening in F2! Watch this space...