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F2 - Amazing Alliterations and a Fun-filled Learning Week!

F2 - Amazing Alliterations and a  Fun-filled Learning Week!                     

This week we have really enjoyed reading the Jack and the Beanstalk story. We all turned into giants in literacy and created our own giant alliterations. Bee, bi, bo, bum was one of our favourites! In number time we have been measuring ourselves to see how tall we are using centimetres. We measured Mrs P and Miss Hopkinson, too. We all agreed Miss Hopkinson is  definitely a giant!

We have had another great session in gymnastics. This week we had a go at star jumps, jumping off the benches - it was quite tricky so we might need to

practise again next week. We need to jump with our arms and legs nice and wide and then land in a landing position.

We had an amazing time in Caterpillar Music! We looked at celebrations including Bonfire Night and Diwali. We used ribbons to dance to Diwali music and threw them up in the air to look like  fireworks, it was brilliant fun! We have had more children receive reading awards this week. Well done to all those doing lots of reading and taking on the 3 Week Reading Challenge.