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F2 - Ahoy, Me Hearties!

F2 - Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Well, shiver me timbers, what a week! Our pirate theme this week has led to so much           fun-learning  and role playing! The children returned to school to find a pirate ship in the corner of their classroom! They certainly didn’t waste any time sailing the high seas, looking for treasure and  being swash-buckling pirates - Arghh!! There have been lots of fun pirate activities to access, too; the children have been so creative! On Tuesday we returned, after lunch, to find clues for us to follow in the quest to find the treasure! We had to use our reading, visual and thinking skills to follow the clues which led to the gold coins. We all managed to find a gold coin each, which we exchanged for a piece of Clayton’s chocolate birthday cake - double treasure!! We all loved this activity. On Thursday we decided to make our very own Treasure Island in the quad. First we decided which things would be on the island: trees, a BIG Black Hole, quick sand, a volcano, The Forest of No Return, The Lake of Drowning, a desert, shingle (pasta shells we could crunch with our feet), boats,                       shark-infested waters, a peg leg and of course a BIG X Marks the Spot with gold treasure. We set about making the props and then went into the quad to set out our Treasure Island so that we could use our imagination to act out our Pirate Stories. We loved this activity so much that we couldn’t wait to go back to write up our adventures. Miss Hopkinson, Mrs P and Mrs Parker were very impressed with the results. Our pirate adventures will continue next week—what will we get up to? Feed the imagination!!! Watch this space...

We have not only been focused on all things pirate, but we continue to make lots of progress in gymnastics and we had a very exciting seaside adventure in Caterpillar Music, too!