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F2 - A Very Exciting Week!

F2 - A Very Exciting Week!

This week has been a very exciting week as we have been on our incredible trip to Perlthorpe! Before we went, we all thought about what we might do on our trip - we had some lovely ideas like picnics and games.  After the trip we wrote down what our favourite part was.

We also looked at o’clock time this week and used words like first, then, next, after that and finally. We were very good at  making the clocks say 9 o'clock.

Our trip was wonderful! We had so much fun! We acted out The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we all shouted Cinderella at the castle! Miss Hopkinson’s group timed it just right and Cinderella waved back to us from a top window.

We had a fantastic lunch time, we all ate so much! The teachers didn’t know where we fitted all those sandwiches!

Also, we did lots of wonderful activities in the woods. We were all very brave following the Blindfold Trail - we had to tell our friends what to do. We even made potions and went on the hunt for mini beasts. Our den-building skills were outstanding; the animals looked so cosy in their dens. We put our strength to the test with our lifting - we are so strong working as a team!

Despite the many tired faces, the children who stayed for after school booster class did a magnificent job making up fairy tales.

The teachers and helpers are all so proud of how well-behaved the children were - they are a credit to the school and to their parents and carers!

Finally, a huge thank you to  all the helpers who made the day extra special.