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F2 - A Fabulous Finale to Our F2 Year!

F2 - A Fabulous Finale to Our F2 Year!

The F2 assembly was fabulous! It was a lovely end to our F2 Year; we loved showing off our work and singing our song! Well done F2! We celebrated with a party in the afternoon. On Monday, we went to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park—it was amazing. We timed our lunch break perfectly to coincide with the rain; just as we finished our sandwiches it stopped raining! We saw lots of playful and cheeky animals. The ostrich kept ‘photo bombing ‘ our photos! The giraffes were trying to trip each other up and the monkeys were trying to steal each other’s food! We walked for ‘miles’ but still found lots of energy to have fun in the play area. Thank you to all our helpers who came along. Next week we will base our activities around a beach theme. Don’t forget to wear summer clothes on Wednesday for our beach party. Any donations for our beach picnic on Wednesday will be much appreciated.

It was the last of the ‘Play Shops’ for our new nursery children and we had a party to celebrate! The children have been involved in 6 ‘Play Shops’ - messy play, nursery rhymes, healthy eating as well as learning the routines they will be experiencing in nursery. We can’t wait for you to start!