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This week has been my favourite so far because we started our 'Tree-mendous’ Tuesday' Sessions.

We walked into the woods and we looked at the trees and noticed what colour the leaves were. We spotted a ladybird, a worm, lots of spiders and a buzzard flying in the sky and Brooke pointed out the mole hills that we passed. We are sure we heard a dragon roar too! Myles went hunting the dragon but ran back to Mrs Fenton when he thought he heard it roar! Memphis told us that he had seen a dinosaur yesterday in the jungle! The imagination the children displayed was amazing. Oliver told us that he really saw the Big Bad Wolf and  Amie told her friends that witches and dinosaurs are in the woods.

We felt the trees and talked about the textures. Isaiah said one tree was wrinkly like when you get out of the bath. Sophie said another one was soft. We saw a tree that had been lifted out of the soil and Brooke said the wind had blown it over. We all had a sheet of paper and a piece of charcoal and we did a bark rubbing. Eden did a fantastic one!

There was a tree that had branches that reached over our path in an arc shape and Eadah said it was like a rainbow and Ben said it was an 'arch'.

We found a farmer's field with huge bales of hay and we went closer to explore and had a biscuit on top of one. 

Olivia told us that lots of animals live here and she said that horses and cows eat hay. As we walked along the path Sofia sang, 'We're going on a bear hunt' and Olivia said she could hear the birds tweet. In the bushes were lots of blackberries and Charlie Mansbridge said that his Nanny had some.

The most exciting part was seeing a tractor ploughing the fields and the farmer even waved to us.

Next week we are on our trip to Southwell Minster so we won't be in the woods, but we will be the following week. I wonder what we will find next time!!

On Monday we sang the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and we made egg mayonnaise sandwiches or 'sweaty egg' as Mrs P likes to call them (and yes we did give her one!)

Miss Frisby boiled the eggs at home and the  children helped peel , put mayonnaise in and mash them up. They even spread the butter on the bread (very thickly!!).                                                       On Wednesday, for European Day of Languages, we learnt to sing Frère Jacques and count to 10 in French! Mrs Parker was very impressed!! Très bien F1

On Friday we will be making jam tarts for the Queen of Hearts so we will let you know how they turned out next week.