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F1—An Exciting Year Ahead!

F1—An Exciting Year Ahead!

It’s so exciting that we are facing another amazing year in F1. Some of our friends are staying with us for another year and they have grown up so much over the holidays. They are being really kind to all their new friends and have remembered all the nursery rules and are enthusiastically showing our new friends what we do in nursery. Of course we all miss the F1s that are now in F2, but we see them all the time for frequent hugs and there are lots of smiling faces as they settle into their new home with the help of their fabulous teachers.

Our new F1 friends have settled into nursery life very well and are already learning the new routines and becoming  very independent. Logan gave his friends paper towels to help them dry their hands; he is so kind! Freya, Delilah and Halle love painting and always make sure they wear an apron. Oliver, Henri and Jack enjoy playing in the water and remember to push their sleeves up their arms so their jumpers don’t get wet! Maiya and Annalise are very good at knowing what nursery rhymes we are going to sing when we show them the characters in the special bag! Aurora and Zuzanna really enjoy the home corner where they make us delicious dinners after they have answered the phone, of course!

I can’t wait to see what next week brings as they become even more confident! Don’t forget to share your reading book at home and sign the reading diaries when you have read together.

We are off to Southwell Minster on Monday, with Surestart, on a Forest School Adventure. It’s a long day for our little friends but I know that they will have an exciting time pursuing all the different activities that lay ahead. I bet you can’t wait to hear all about it!        

Please look at our blog and meet all our new friends. Please leave a comment.