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F1 - Worms-Vue

F1 - Worms-Vue

This week we had an exciting delivery to Foundation, it was our very own worm-vue. Well you know how we love mini beasts in F1! This will give us the opportunity to have an even closer look at worms, although Sofia, Charlie M and Destiny-Marie pick up our wiggly friends on many occasions to say hello! They don’t need a worm-vue.

Mrs Fenton set up the worm-vue with the help of her friends and put layers of soil and sand inside because when the worms wiggle about we can see them mix up the soil and sand. But we had no worms! What good is a worm-vue if you have no worms to view?! Well, Miss Frisby already had a master plan and of course it involved a Tree-mendous Tuesday exploration because we are good at these! In fact, in the holidays, Dylan’s Mum told us on the blog that on the Tuesday Dylan really missed his  Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure. I wonder what you are all going to do in the six weeks holidays? Maybe we need a                  

Tree-mendous Tuesday holiday club!

So off we set with a rucksack full of trowels and a container to put our new friends in, on the short journey back from the woods. Then they would be put in their new worm-vue home so we can observe them.

Some of our friends suggested using sticks to dig the soil with too. What a good idea! We love sticks and have found them so useful this year to build fairy houses, to use as a pencil to write in the mud and as a body to hold our clay Gruffalo head. Who needs expensive toys?

Did you know...?

Þ Worms are soil magicians, turning rotten food waste, leaves, twigs, grasses and other decaying earth matter into rich soil (referred to as earthworm castings). They do this by eating, then secreting.

Þ Earthworms have five hearts.

Þ Worms have no lungs or noses. Oxygen from the air or water is taken through their moist skin.

Þ An earthworm can grow new parts.

We went into the woods- climbing over fallen trees as we went. We also nipped into the farmer’s field to see how his rapeseed crop was getting on and do you know what? It was bigger than us! We had to put our hands in the air so we could be seen!

We got to work digging for worms with our trowel and Myles put his foot on it like it was a big spade. Rylee J told us he liked the ‘muddy mud’ as he pointed to his mud covered legs! Amie said ‘we will find 5 worms, no 10 worms, no lots of worms!’  Daisy made up her own song about wiggly worms and muddy sticks. How wonderful, Daisy!

So another Tree-mendous Tuesday filled with adventure and we have some new friends living with us. I wonder what next week will bring? Miss Frisby has her thinking cap on so don’t worry, it will be as Tree-mendous as ever!