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F1 - Who's that trip trapping over my bridge? F2 - Artistic Flair

Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?

F1 have had lots of fun this week listening to and acting out the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. They loved wearing the masks  in their role play and can now join in and sing I’m a troll fol-de -rol!  Well done F1!

F2  - Artistic Flair

F2 were set the challenge to paint a hundred squares so that no two touching squares were the same colour. They worked in small groups, even mixing their own colours. They produced some beautiful patchwork masterpieces! They enjoyed creating their own patchwork elephants, too.

The theme for Caterpillar Music this week was spring. The children danced and moved to Vivaldi’s Spring; made their own springtime music with the instruments, conducted by Alison and experienced the green shoots of spring through dance, movement and rhymes.


As well as packing lots and lots of fun learning into their week, F2 even found time to make some buns for Comic Relief. Wow!