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F1 - Who’s been eating my porridge?

F1 - Who’s been eating my porridge?

This week we are reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The home corner has been transformed into the Three Bears’ house but there was no porridge so we had to make some. Mrs P and Mrs Fenton set to work with the children. They made enough for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Baby Bear AND Goldilocks. But what about the children? Well, we made enough for everyone!! Lucas Mills thought it was ‘photo delicious!’ Miss Frisby had even brought some golden syrup to stir into it... Delicioussss. So Goldilocks doesn't need to steal any because she can share ours!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was amazing!

We were collecting colourful things from the woods to put on our sticky foot. The children created some really lovely colourful collaged feet that are now walking through our Tree-mendous Tuesday display! The weather was so different this week because, as Brooke noticed, it wasn’t foggy. Kaiden could see cars on the road in the distance and Oliver could see the allotments we had visited a few weeks ago. It was so windy though, on the farmer’s field. The children stood with their arms outstretched and let the wind blow them over which they thought was the best! It was also very muddy which was perfect for mark-making with leaf stems, which Isaiah did, and with fingers which was Ryan’s preferred method! We loved making muddy footprints, although it was quite slippery.

Next Tuesday we are walking to the library to change our books instead of walking to the woods. So please can you bring any library books back that are still at home. Miss Frisby has taken out the ones in your book bag and they are safely back at the library, thanks to Mrs Bacon.