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F1 - What An End To Half Term!!!

The last day of term was certainly one to remember when we celebrated the end of our topic with a colourful celebration and had a RAINBOW party. All our friends dressed in their most colourful outfits and dazzled Foundation. Ryan and his friends entertained us with their renditions of many songs from Frozen that Miss Frisby put on the white board. Sophie Bowskill was actually in the moment and we truly believed Elsa was in the room. Poppy also took time out to sing a few songs and she knew all the words. It is lovely to see our children engaging with their friends and their environment, and displaying many of the aspects of learning and development that are involved in our curriculum.

There were rainbow sweets to show all the colours of the rainbow much to Lucas Mills’ delight- he literally tasted the rainbow and I’m sure a techno colour little boy arrived home to Mummy at 3.15pm! The party food was a much anticipated event!  As soon as the children walked through the door with it, they wanted to get stuck in! Olivia’s mummy brought cheese spread and bread and Miss Frisby asked Olivia and Brooke to make sandwiches for their friends. Olivia was very careful when she was spreading the cheese and Brooke decided that it needed to be eaten before it even met the bread! Thank you everyone for the party food- there wasn’t much left on the plates! Lucas Griffiths tasted one of the home made buns and it was huge! He was very happy! Look at our blog to see all the rainbow party photos in techno colour and leave us a comment or visit our page on the website.

Miss Frisby was really impressed with the homework challenge that our friends have completed over the holiday. Lots of our friends baked cakes with their families but Miss Frisby and Mrs Fenton didn’t receive much evidence to taste except for Stephen’s cakes! However, the pictures looked lovely. Charlie Bierton and Amelia made fabulous weather charts showing what the weather was like every day of the holidays. Lexi made a stunning collage of Cinderella. Olivia and Sofia visited The Deep in the holidays and Olivia made a 3D jelly fish. Miss Frisby has a feeling that our parents love the challenges as much as the children! Well done, everyone!