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F1 - What a Half Term!!!

Tree-mendous Tuesday this week could possibly have been the most fun that we have ever had! Mrs Fenton took us on a very muddy walk through the woods and there were a few casualties along the way! Dylan fell in the mud and Junie got very muddy hands but no one was worried because we were having far too much fun!

On the way, Lacey could hear the birds singing in the trees and Memphis joined in singing, ‘Here we go, here we go, here we go!’ I bet the birds were impressed! Ollie could hear some dogs barking and Myles spotted a very big cat and Esmie told us it was black and white. We passed the ‘Top Shop’ and Oliver said, ‘Look! the chocolate shop!’ George said that it also sold milk. That’s always good to know, George, but a shop full of chocolate sounds much more exciting! Eadah counted the puddles - there were lots but Eadah didn’t mind because she is an excellent counter!

We went to Andy’s Café near Langold Lake and they treated us to buttered toast. We are so lucky to have such kind neighbours in Langold. The photos prove just how much we enjoyed eating it and we all had another slice! Sofia’s Mummy treated us to some biscuits for when we walked back to school. I think we deserved them! We ran up the huge hill and all the way down it with the sound of our laughter echoing around Langold. One of our friends was very cautious about walking up the hill so Ryan went to help her. What a lovely thing to do, Ryan!

I’m sure there were some very sleepy children on Tuesday night who went to sleep feeling very happy. I know Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs Bacon couldn’t wait to go to bed!

Thank you to all the parents who commented on our blog. It is so lovely to hear what the children say to you about our wonderful activities and what parts they remember. In their Tree-mendous Tuesday writing books, lots of children were talking about us going to visit Myles’ Nana at the café!’

This week has been a food themed week because we learnt about the Chinese New Year and tasted some Chinese delights; of course it was also Pancake Day so we obviously had to eat some pancakes with chocolate spread or golden syrup- it would be rude not to! Chocolate spread was the favourite choice and there were many chocolatey faces around to show their appreciation!

On Friday we are having a Rainbow party to celebrate the end of our Colourful topic. Pictures will be on the blog and on next half term’s newsletter.

How can we top the fun we have had this half term? Miss Frisby has some ideas, don’t worry!