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F1 - We’re going On A Bear Hunt...

F1 - We’re going On A Bear Hunt...

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one…Well that was our intention when we went into the woods on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure this week. There was lots of thick oozy mud (it is a tradition for Langold Woods!) We couldn’t go over it and we couldn’t go under it and usually we go around it but not today! The F1s know the story too well so we had ‘to go through it!’ Squelch squerchthey exclaimed as they made their way through the sticky mud!  They were so excited and about 52 of them (oh yeah, that’s all of them!) pretended to get stuck and there was much hilarity pulling each other out. A few children maybe pulled a bit too hard (they have strong muscles from trying all our fruit at snack time), we had a couple of casualties with muddy hands but they wiped the mud on their coats (!) and off they went again! There wasn’t a clean child insight which is just the way we like it on a Tuesday! We saw the deep cold river but we didn’t go through this because it looked a little bit too deep so we made the noises instead and pretended! ‘Splash splosh!’ We also saw a fallen log and the children decided if they wanted to go over, under or around it. Most of our dare devils wanted to go over it and scaled it effortlessly. Many of them decided to stand on it and jump off landing safely on the other side. You are great at taking calculated risks and doing what you feel confident doing and also attempting it safely. I am really proud of how far you have all come, the way you face a challenge and take it on with confidence showing how proud you are, of your achievement, by the smile on your face!

But you’ll never guess what? We saw a shiny wet nose, two big furry ears and two big googly eyes… it was Sofia’s bear!!! And off they all ran screaming but came straight back for a drink of juice and a chocolate finger! A bear doesn’t put us off our snack and we let the bear share it too.

There aren’t many more Tree-mendous Tuesdays left so we talked about the different memories we had from Fairy house building to bark rubbing and hanging homemade bird feeders.  We have had the most amazing times and Miss Frisby has something up her sleeve for the last one. There will be more photos on the blog. Please comment because it makes Miss  Frisby’s day!

We would like to say a huge well done to all our F1s who are going into F2 in September. They have had their transition lunch this week and amazed Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton, Miss Hopkinson, Mrs P and Mrs Bacon by eating lots of their dinner and trying a little bit if they weren’t too keen. They used their knives and forks to cut their food which is quite a skill when you are 3 or 4 years old. They were kind to each other and polite. We will be sad to see you go but watching you all eating your dinner, I am happy to let you go because you are F2 ready!!