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F1 - Visit from PDSA

F1 - Visit from PDSA

This week we had a visit from Kaya, a vet, who came to talk to us about the charity PDSA.
We learnt that they are a charity that helps people and their pets and she also talked about how to keep our pets healthy and happy.
Lots of our friends were surprised that rabbits shouldn't have carrots all the time and only as a treat and the best thing for their teeth is eating hay.
Also dogs shouldn't have large bones because as Kayden explained, they could choke.
Did you know that you should brush your dog's teeth with a special animal tooth brush?!
Annalise pretended to be a vet and had to put cream on the pretend doggy called Choccy as he had fleas! And Delilah had to brush a pretend rabbit and show her friends how to do it really carefully.
We learnt so much and all our friends showed really good listening. We'll done everyone!
We have also been looking at the story boxes that our friends made in the holidays. Annalise told us the story of
The Gruffalo and she had been to Sherwood Pines and Mummy and Daddy had downloaded the app onto their phone so it really looked like Annalise was with the Mouse, Fox, Snake and Gruffalo! Theo told us the story of Goldilocks and he even had a little bowl in his story box. Isabella had a story box full of the characters from the story 'Dear Zoo' and all her friends could help her because we have read this story in our literacy lesson. There was a chorus of 'we sent him back' after Isabella told us the characters names and why they were sent back. She even added new parts as the snake wasn't sent back for being too scary. Oh no! He was sent back because Isabella said he was too wiggly! I like that idea Isabella! Lexi-Jay and Freya told us the same story and couldn't wait to tell us about the wolf in their story of The Three Little Pigs who burnt his bottom on the boiling water in the pot over the fire. We decided that the little pigs lived 'happily ever after' but the Big Bad Wolf certainly didn't!!!