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F1 - Tremendous Tuesday Fun!

F1 -  Tremendous Tuesday Fun!

This week in our Tree-mendous Tuesday the children were really interested in the leaves all over the ground. They noticed that the noise they made under our wellies wasn’t a crunchy sound like last week. Isaiah said it was because they were wet, which they were. It was also very foggy and we could hear an aeroplane but Brooke said we couldn’t see it through the fog.

Miss Frisby challenged the children to find a big leaf and a small leaf. Brooke, Benjamin and Darcie-Rai also found a medium sized leaf. There were lots of different prints in the mud like our footprints, a horse’s shoe and some dog paw prints. Kaiden said he had seen some dinosaur footprints too, so beware when you go into the wood.

We have been talking about Bonfire Night this week and learning about how we can make sure we are safe. All the children know the firework code - ask them to tell you what they need to do to stay safe. We made a huge bonfire to put on the nursery wall using our hand prints as the flames.

In phonics some of our friends in Miss Frisby’s phonics group have been blending their sounds together. We met a crocodile that could only speak in ‘sound talk.’ We asked him what he liked to do in the playground and he said h/o/p and s/k/i/p. Hayden blended the sounds together and did the actions. Mrs Fenton’s group are learning the ‘s’ phoneme and they have been looking at objects beginning with that sound. Ryan wasn’t too keen on the snake in Mrs Fenton’s bag! They also wrote that it was really big.

In Caterpillar Music we have celebrated Bonfire Night. Peter Parrot said hello to us and then Jake sang the song on his own! Wow! I think he could be a contender for the X Factor! We thought about things that gave us light like the stars, the sun, torches and candles. We sang songs about candles that flickered and we pretended to blow them out. Then we used the ribbons as fireworks and made them twirl all around and threw them in the air. We finished by choosing a musical instrument to play and then Ally put the bubble machine on and we tried to burst them all!

We are looking forward to our sponsored Welly Walk on Friday 13th November. We do so much walking in the woods that our 5 laps of the field should be a breeze!

On the last day F1 enjoyed a fabulous Halloween party. The children looked amazing in their costumes and a few managed to scare Miss Frisby. Thank you for your donations of party food. It was yummy!