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F1 - Tree-mendous Tuesday Adventures

It’s like Mother Nature knew it was our last Tree-mendous Tuesday of this year and she brought Mr Sunshine out to celebrate and ensure our day was super special. All the children had shiny little faces due to the copious amounts of sun cream that had been smothered all over them in preparation for the scorching heat and their heads were crowned in summer hats and caps. But we weren’t in the sun for long before we made it into our second home and the trees were, there as always, to protect us from the sun’s glare.

Lots of our favourite memories were shared during our walk. Hayden and Dylan sang the Bear Hunt and accompanied our chatter about our favourite Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures. Avah-Mae talked about making Gruffalo heads out of clay and Darcie remembered using sticks for his purple prickles.  George reminisced about the pitter patter of the heavy rain on our  parachute that protected us from the elements; Ollie talked about eating a biscuit ‘with all his friends’ on the hay bales that the farmer had kindly left out for us to take a rest on! Lexi liked making the bird feeders ready for the hungry birds to feed on, Sofia loved the toast at the café and Olivia talked about running down (and up) the hill! Charlie M’s favourite adventure involved mini beast hunting which is no surprise because he is our very own Dr. Doolittle and today he reinforced this by delicately holding a worm and later on in the adventure a snail! I know the mini beasts of Langold woods will miss your chatter as you ambled along their habitat stopping to say hello!

Today was filled with a new experience as we sat on our special Tree-mendous Tuesday mats in the shade and Mrs Fenton  produced hot dog sausages in bread rolls with red sauce, accompanied by juice and then we set up our tee-pee and sat inside to eat a biscuit. We had talked about the different types of butterflies before we left school and looked at a huge identification mat so we knew the types we were likely to find. We saw lots of Marbled Whites and Ringlets. In fact they followed us along as we walked through the meadows making sure we were happy and then they would fly away in the sky to look for their friends. This year has been so amazing and the children have gained so much confidence from their Tree-mendous Tuesday explorations, as well as learning lots of new vocabulary. We have been physical by running through the woods and climbing logs, we have used our socialisation and communication skills sharing conversations and experiences with our friends and our imaginations have come to life as we dreamed of monsters, dragons and trolls that were obviously behind every tree and in every stream. We used our problem solving skills to cross little streams, climb logs, build animal habitats and fairy houses and we learnt to be kind to each other, living creatures and our environment. We have learnt so many life lessons to carry with us throughout our lives.

I hope these amazing experiences stay with you when you are big and grown up and you’ll never lose your sense of awe and wonder.

Good luck next year to our big nursery children. We know you’ll be amazing in F2 and to our smaller children, we will see you on the same Tree-mendous day next term!

Big hugs, Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton, Mrs P and Mrs Bacon x