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F1 - Tree-mendous Transition!

F1 - Tree-mendous Transition!

Our F1s were fabulous when they spent the day in their new F2 classes. Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs P have been noticing that they were getting F2 ready in their work and their general attitude to learning and you could often hear, ‘You are F2 ready’ echoing through Foundation. So much so that Lexi-Jay was adamant that she was going and she has another year to spend with us in F1. I’m not giving you up yet, Lexi-Jay!

The children met their new teachers and they either had Miss Hopkinson, who is the Giraffe teacher or Ms Amed, who is our Zebra teacher. Then the fun began! They showed off their skills by writing their names and drawing a picture of themselves and then they went to explore the continuous provision. Henry was so excited to play with the cranes, Ava loved the beach hut, Ethan, Dexter and Lola were dressed as pirates and Sofia, Brooke, Eadah and pretty much everyone else went and played in the ice cream shop! Miss Frisby was only passing and must have eaten about ten delicious ice creams! They have to walk past the ice cream parlour in F1 when they go to the toilets and always stare longingly at it and say ‘I am looking with my eyes!’ Well now you have actually been there and touched it with your hands!

They also got to have a gymnastic session with Emma. How grown up is that?! Although they are fabulous in Suretots and have now progressed to the huge apparatus, the gymnastic moves were something they loved! Ollie L did a demonstration for his Mummy and Lexi’s Mummy blogged that Lexi told her about naughty toes and good toes and showed her a star shape and some balancing skills, but Jake was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t do the teddy bear role like his sister, Summer, who is in Year 1! It won’t be long Jake!

They all had another delicious dinner that Eadah really enjoyed, even though Stephen isn’t keen on custard! Then they went into the big playground and Ollie L was amazed that there was a wood in our playground. He told his Mum that it was ‘crazy!’ Lots more fun was had - just look at the blog to see how busy they were. Then it was time to go back to F1 and get ready for home. Miss Frisby did miss you so much but she knows that you are going to be amazing in F2 and she and Mrs Fenton are always available for cuddles. Plus, you have Mrs P with you now for four days!

Stephen’s Mummy blogged that he fell asleep within two minutes on the car journey home and Nicole fell asleep at the kitchen table. It’s hard work being at school all day, but you loved it!