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F1 - Super Fit Imaginative Explorers!

F1 -  Super Fit Imaginative Explorers!


This week we went to the woods for our Tree-mendous Tuesday session and we walked about 4000 steps in each session because Mrs Bacon recorded them on her pedometer. We are going to be super fit! So Miss Frisby thought we should have a biscuit for all our effort!

The afternoon children saw the Vulcan aeroplane flying overhead. We were so excited- Mrs Fenton was the most excited!   There was lots of singing as we explored the wood. Hayden and Lucas sang Big Red Combine Harvester, Isaiah sang 'It's raining, it's pouring' and Ryan sang 'Incy Wincy Spider' I think that is why the sun came out!!

Our imaginations were amazing again and Oliver moved through the leaves and said he was a road sweeper, Myles kept saying, 'Fi Fi Fo Fum' and pretending he was a giant and Aime said she had seen a big bad wolf. Those woods are filled with characters from traditional stories so be careful who YOU meet along the way!

We all found a stick and Mrs Fenton added some water to the soil to make it more muddy so we could mark make. There were a lot of serious faces as we got busy making marks.

When we got back to school, Miss Frisby had bought some hot chocolate so we could all warm up and sit on the carpet with a nice piece of fruit. Exploring is serious business!

We have also been reading the story of The Little Red Hen who worked so hard to make some bread but her friends wouldn't help her until it was time to eat it and then they all wanted some. But The Little Red Hen was not impressed and ate it all by herself! What would you have done?   We looked for clues in the Foundation playground of things that were in the story. Then we sequenced the story.

We also made pretend bread using flour and hair conditioner. I'm sure it wasn't as tasty as The Little Red Hen's bread but we really enjoyed making It!!