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F1 - Stick Families Bound With Love!

F1 -  Stick Families Bound With Love!

This week we have been looking at our families and how each family is different. Some of us have brothers, some have sisters and some have none at all! We looked at photos of our family and talked about who they were. Some of us introduced our grandparents too.

We read the story of Stick Man who lived with his Stick Lady Love and their Stick Children three, and decided to go on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure in the woods, and find our own stick family. Delilah needed six sticks because she has her Mummy, Daddy, Cassius and herself but she couldn’t forget Doodle the dog and Hammie the hamster! Jack found a ‘big’ stick and that was his daddy. We talked about the different sizes of the sticks and who was bigger and who was smaller in their family. Then we wrapped them up in an elastic band because our family is bound together too, but with love!

During our walk lots of other things caught our attention - well what is new?! Kayden said he could see Skegness Stadium in the distance. He said that it is ‘far, far away.’  But don’t worry, we can follow his dad’s car to get there! We spotted lots of ladybirds and Dylan and Jayden picked one up very carefully. Lexi-Jay spotted a bird’s nest in the trees and Halle saw a black butterfly.

We were fascinated by the mole hills we found on our school field, especially Jack, who would have liked to say hello to a friendly mole and we also found lots of nuts that Little Squirrel Nutkin hadn’t hidden very well!  Annalise tried to stand on Miss Frisby’s shadow and Halle found a magpie’s feather. The most exciting thing we saw was the farmer’s blue tractor ploughing the fields, much to Henri’s and Rylee’s delight! Mrs Bacon treated us to strawberry milk and cookies as we sat in the farmer’s field chatting to our friends about all the things we had seen. It’s lovely to listen to their little conversations. I wonder what next week will bring?!