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F1 - Rising to the Challenge!

F1 - Rising to the Challenge!

Our new F1s rose to the Foundation challenge! What a fabulous week we have had meeting all our new F1 friends! We have had 14 in total and already they have become immersed in F1 life! On Monday, our new afternoon children were introduced to our Suretots programme and loved climbing on the apparatus, bouncing on the trampoline and balancing on the beam. Esmee was really good at moving her body to our favourite song (well Miss Frisby’s really!) ‘Tumbletots are great!’ Lucie was able to copy simple repeated rhythms using the tap sticks, which is really tricky! On Tuesday, we ventured into the woods, but before we even got there we had to dodge all the mole hills on the school field. Err stop Miss Frisby! Did you say dodge? As if we would ever dodge a great pile of soil! We are F1 explorers and so we all decided to walk through them, jump on them and generally have a jolly good time getting our lovely new, sparkly wellies very muddy. Annabelle loved them! All the children passed the F1 ‘get as muddy as you can’ test! In the woods we found a big log, but of course it wasn’t a boring old log. No! We decided it was a car and had to take it in turns to sit on it. Zac was in his element and off he went to the shops! Miss Frisby gave him some money and told him to buy her some biscuits, which he thought was hilarious! Miss Frisby thought she heard the Gruffalo in the distance and Isabella told her all about him and what he looked like as well as the Big Bad Mouse. It’s a good job we knew what to expect and were prepared if we met him! Saphia spotted an arrow on the tree and we were all intrigued as to where it would lead! Jordii made lovely music by hitting two stones together and Annalise was really impressed! Dakota was interested in the worm which Logan found, but wasn’t brave enough to hold it- I’ll give her a couple of weeks and she will! Wednesday was Caterpillar Music- are you exhausted yet?! We looked at our picture that we are studying for art. It’s called The Banquet and it’s painted by a man called Sir James Dromgole Linton - we did lots of activities around the theme. We made our own courtyard and danced inside it using silk scarves. Mykala really enjoyed using the boxes to make the courtyard and Theo was amazing at spinning round to the music. At the end, we had lots of instruments to play and George liked the shakers but Tommy was more interested in the Maracas. Finally, the bubble machine was switched on and Mitchell liked watching them float through the air, but Daisy was more interested in popping them! What a wonderful week, F1 - all the F1 newbies have settled in beautifully. My big F2s have also made me so proud because they looked after their new friends, showed them the right thing to do and were very patient and kind, but I never doubted they would be for a minute! We can’t wait for next week!