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F1 - Our Amazing Trip to Perlthorpe

F1 - Our Amazing Trip to Perlthorpe

Our school trip to Perlethorpe was amazing! School trips are seen as a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners. This was certainly evident on Tuesday.

We went on a Traditional Tale Trail and we used our imagination in so many ways and were still buzzing about it the next day! Some of our friends were characters from the story of The Three Little Pigs- have you met Stephen Parrish Pig? He was inside the brick house all smug, laughing at Kaiden Walker Wolf who tried to blow his house down. Mrs P and Miss Frisby were stood next to the house and heard a little voice (Stephen Pig) say ‘Go away!’ He was a very confident little piggy! Lexi-Jay Pig wasn’t so confident because the Big Bad Junie Wolf blew down her stick house! Oh no!

After the Wolf ran away having burnt his bottom on the fire, our friends moved along to the bridge over the river and became The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They trip trapped over the bridge and were fearless against the menacing  Troll!

Next they could see Cinderella in her castle but the wicked witch wouldn’t let us get any closer to meet her. How rude!

Lunch at Perlethorpe was another amazing experience for our F1 friends. They had taken their own lunch and were eager to get stuck in as soon as they got off the bus - being on a double decker bus for twenty minutes does make you peckish!

During the second half of the day, we took part in lots of activities in The Church Woods. It was like a second home to us after our adventures on Tree-mendous Tuesdays! F1 love experiences that take us outside away from our traditional classroom and help us improve our independence and teach us lots of new life skills.

We made homes for woodland animals - don’t worry, they were only cuddly toys but we treated them with lots of love and attention and made them super homes. They thought about where the animals would want to live and made sure they were very comfy. It was like a woodland hotel!

The mini beast hunt proved to be exciting and many logs were upturned to see what we could find. We saw worms, a slug, woodlice and even a new mini beast with a name that Hayden invented - it was a ladypede! Be very careful in the woods when you visit with Hayden because you never know what you will you find!

We walked along the trail going over, under and through lots of obstacles. Finally we made magic potions using natural resources like pine cones and leaves. Our magic wands were the finest sticks in the woods. Ask me my magic spell and see what happens to you - if you dare!  Junie made a potion to turn her into a dog; Jake invented a potion to make him fly and Lexi-Jay’s potion turned people into frogs! Eeek!

On the way home there were many tired little people who had such an amazing day filled with magical adventures. Poppy said, ‘Miss Frisby, I have had a really nice day.’ I think that goes for everyone. A big thank you to all our helpers who got involved with all the activities and made our day even more special. The staff at Perlethorpe were also fabulous!

At the end of our day we had our obligatory hot chocolate and huge marshmallows. Delicious!

When’s our next trip?!