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F1 New Working Area - F2 On The Hunt for Tiger Food!

F1 New Working Area!

We have a lovely new learning area in F1 - Mrs Fenton and Mrs Woodhead have transformed the area to make a new learning space.  The children love it! What fun we had with our grown-ups doing our Animal Habitat homework. Wow! Thank you for your super efforts! Alicia even made some lovely animal biscuits for us all to eat. Yum yum!    

F2 - On the Hunt for Tiger Food!

F2 have been working very hard around the theme of The Tiger who came to tea. For our art work we made a collaborative collage - come have a look at it - we are very proud of our team work. Can you spot where it is in F2?

We have written some super sentences about the story and made some lovely play dough tiger shapes.  We even went on a hunt for Tiger Food (did you know we have a tiger living in Mrs P’s room?) We braved the howling wind and swirling snow as we walked to the shops to buy the Tiger Food—we were very lucky because there was only one tin left in the shop! We left some food out for the Tiger in Mrs P’s room on several days - when we checked the following day ALL the food on the plate had been eaten.

While we were at the shop we also bought some ingredients, from the list we had written, to make a jam sandwich. We each had to follow a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich - we had to test it by eating it - they were all yummy! In our literacy we used the photos we had taken of our trip to the shops to write a recount using time connectives - we have been busy!