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F1 - Muddy Adventure Fun!

F1 - Muddy Adventure Fun!

This week we have been learning about shapes in numeracy. Miss Frisby’s group looked at 3D shapes and we had lots of discussions about our shapes. Did it have a curved face, corners or straight edges? Each child had a shape and had to talk about it using these new words. We also matched our 2D shapes to the ones Miss Frisby had drawn and we were very good at talking about their properties. Mrs Fenton’s group have been looking at 2D shapes and drawing them and looking at things that are special about them. We even made shapes out of sticks in the woods.

In literacy, Mrs Fenton’s group have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and Beat Baby was really helpful at introducing the characters from the songs. Our friends are getting excellent at singing them; Dakota’s mummy sent a video of her singing Twinkle Twinkle and we all watched it with delight, on the white board. I think she could be on The X Factor!

Miss Frisby’s group have been reading Handa’s Surprise; Merida (our chatterbox) introduced lots of objects from the story and we had to guess what the story could be. There was an elephant, a zebra, a goat and Kayden said that that was in our story - The Three Billy Goats Gruff. You’re right Kayden! I love how you make links with your learning! But we also had fruit which was a bit different to the ones we eat at snack time - a mango and a pineapple, but there was also banana and we eat them every week! By the time you read this, we will have tasted them! Yummy!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was a mud fest - a bit like Glastonbury but instead of live bands we had Daisy and Zuzanna singing for us! I think they could be on the Pyramid Stage! Lots of our friends did get really muddy but no one cared and they carried on with their adventure! I think lots of washing machines were whizzing around in Langold on Tuesday night! Annalise’s mummy blogged that hers was! Sophia in F2’s mummy had donated a hosepipe and Mrs Fenton hooked it up to the outside tap and washed all our wellies. She wasn’t very careful and splashed the children too! Another fun experience!!

Lots of our mummies blogged that our friends fell to sleep early that night and I bet there were lots of muddy filled dreams!