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F1 - Making links in our learning...

F1 - Making links in our learning...

This week in F1, we have engaged in so much fun learning, as always! We are reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and Miss Frisby made our friends guess the story by revealing a series of clues from her bag. There was a brick, some straw and sticks - would you have guessed the story?  Then appeared three little pigs and a scary wolf! Poppy guessed it as soon as the little pig came out! We have learnt that a traditional tale often starts with the phrase ‘Once upon a time,’ and ends with, ‘and they all lived happily ever after’, well all except for Mr Wolf! Ask our friends what happened to him!                                                                               

There were lots of other activities out in the unit for us to engage with. We had to paint a picture of one of The Three Little Pigs and Lexi-Jay painted a fabulous one and then she went over to the white board and drew all of the characters from the story. Her Mummy wrote on the blog that when she got home she also drew all the characters. I think she must have loved the story! Avah-Mae and Poppy also drew the characters and Poppy’s Three Little Pigs were at a BBQ!

The whole story was represented in our Small World area. Kayden took his time and built the brick house and Miss Frisby could hear Esmae saying, ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’ as she held on to the character of the wolf. We also had pictures to sequence from the story. They had to be cut out first, which is a skill in itself, and then stuck down in the right order. Finally we had to re-tell the story to Miss Frisby. All our friends were eager to have a go. We do love glue and scissors in F1!

We really enjoyed the Egg Drop Science Day, although F1 did it a day earlier in the woods. We talked about how we could protect our eggs from cracking. Jack said it would crack on stones and Freya told us that if you fell on stones that it hurts your knees and Poppy added that they were hard and that’s why the egg would crack. They were right and as one of our friends dropped it onto the stones we watched in delight as it cracked! But we needed to protect it! Oh no! We thought about it again and earlier we had been lying in the leaves and Kayden said that when he fell on the leaves they protected him so we decided to make a bed of leaves to drop our egg into. We thought it would be like a bird’s nest. This was a great idea and the egg sank into the leaves and it was protected. How fabulous are we at making links with our learning and making predictions?

We are amazing scientists! What’s our next challenge?!

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