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F1 - Let’s Twist Again!

F1 - Let’s Twist Again!

The F1 children (morning and afternoon) treated us to a fantastic assembly. The children showed off the many skills they have been learning in F1. Every morning they warm up their brains and fingers, with finger rhymes, so that they can write their names. They demonstrated that they knew all the positional words and acted out The 3 Billy Goats Gruff story, accompanied by some beautiful singing: I’m a troll fol-de-roll, and I’ll eat you for supper! We love Caterpillar Music and Suretots where we improve our listening skills and motor skills. Parents and carers were able to practise their listening and movement skills, too when they were handed ribbons and joined in with Let’s Twist Again - after the first few moments they threw caution to the wind and showed us some amazing moves, with and without the ribbons! Thank you F1 for such a lovely and entertaining assembly—you were all FANTASTIC!