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F1 - Just A Perfect Tree-mendous Tuesday!

F1 -  Just A Perfect Tree-mendous Tuesday!   

Another excellent day on our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure. The morning children had to endure a little bit of rain but it only meant the puddles that we were intending to splash in were a lot deeper. However, the afternoon children were treated to sunshine so we could chase each other’s shadows;  Amelia decided to stand on Mrs Bacon’s head (but only the head of her     shadow)! Darcie compared different puddle sizes and she found a bigger one so we splashed in that and then walked through another one to wash our muddy boots; although the children were quite upset that their boots were still a little bit muddy! We loved the mud and the children thought it was hilarious to pretend to get stuck and shout to their friends for help to rescue them. Joshua said the mud was sloppy and Dexter said he didn’t like the sticky mud because he got stuck! Miss Frisby pretended that she couldn’t get out of the puddle and Charlie B thought it would be funny to leave her there!   Lexi told us that she heard rain when she was in her Mummy’s bed the night before and she was in there to escape the Grinch! There was so much imaginative language and the children certainly used language to imagine and create experiences in their play. Dexter saw an anaconda in the woods and Sophie B found a snake. It was actually catkins, but what a lovely idea! At one point Mrs Fenton pretended that we were lost. We asked the children for ideas to find our way home and Myles said he would ask Spiderman to help and immediately started shooting webs from his hands. I felt so much safer! Hayden recited the whole of The Bear Hunt story complete with actions and lots of intonation in his language. Oliver found a cross on the floor made with sticks and said, ‘X marks the spot!’ We speculated if there was any treasure hidden underneath it. Perhaps we need to take a metal detector next time to find the treasure! We saw lots of trees that had blown down in the wind but that is too obvious and boring for F1s active imaginations! No, they thought a giant had lifted the tree out of the ground; or Dexter and Ollie said a big bad wolf had done it.

There was a lot of singing in the woods and it wasn’t just the birds! Memphis was singing, ‘Rain, rain go away, come again another day!’ Kaiden pretended a spider was climbing up the tree and sang the nursery rhyme, Incy wincy spider, We all sang ‘Row, row, row your boat’ when we saw a stream. And Amelia sang’ ‘We’re following the leader’ as we walked single file through the squelchy mud! I’m sure our singing made Mr Sunshine come out! Lexi-Jay made up her own song- it goes,  ’splish, splash, sploshI’m sure it will be in the top 40 charts on Sunday!

The children were very observant about their environment. Lacey saw some holly and Codey saw some moss on a tree and told his friends that it felt soft. We also saw fungi on a tree and Lacey said we couldn’t eat it. Olivia and Brooke saw raindrops on the fence and caught them on their fingers. Dylan saw the Three Little Pigs house (It was a stack of fence panels but what a super imagination!) and then Charlie M blew it down!

We ate ginger bread biscuits as our snack in the morning and all shouted, Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread man!’ I’m sure the Gingerbread Man wasn’t doing much running because our friends bit his legs off first! How rude! The afternoon children had Jaffa cake bars and there were many chocolaty faces, but very happy children!

Another full on day filled with lots of splashing in lots of puddles - what a perfect day!