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F1 - Happy Autumn Days

This week autumn has come to F1 and we have been looking at what happens in this season. We talked about how the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier. Halle said that it is dark when she wakes up! The children learnt lots of songs relating to autumn like ‘The leaves are falling down’ and ‘The Little Hedgehog song’Ask them if they can sing you one! We walked into the woods for our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure and the weather was certainly a lot colder than it has been! However, our children ran along the paths in the woods eagerly pointing out things they had discovered, so they soon warmed up; the hot chocolate on their return to school soon made them forget their little cold noses! In the wood this week we found a huge den made of branches and we thought maybe the Woodland Trust had been in there creating the masterpiece. We contributed by adding a few sticks! We collected lots of leaves and told Miss Frisby which one was small, medium and large because we needed to fit in our numeracy lesson whilst we were there! Then we collected lots of leaves in many beautiful, autumnal colours to make a collage of a hedgehog, who now sits proudly on our nursery wall. What fun we had working together to make our little hedgehog which we called Harry.

Caterpillar Music was also autumn themed. The children loved making the autumn leaves jump on the parachute as they listened to Vivaldi’s Autumn, from his Four Seasons work. They also leaned lots of interesting facts about autumn and how some animals get ready to hibernate in winter. They were fascinated by the spikey chestnut cases and conkers. Of course, everyone loved expressing themselves with the musical instruments and moving to the different tunes!                                                                            

In phonics, Miss Frisby was very proud of her group who have been working on the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’. They had to listen for the initial sounds of some objects that Miss Frisby had on a tray and then match the object to the initial sound on the cards. Then Miss Frisby gave all the children a fly swatter, much to their delight, and when she said a sound they had to splat the correct sound on the card!  We have been writing the initial sounds using chalk, our magic pens as well as writing with our elbows and our bottoms! Then we had a go at writing the sounds on our white boards. Miss Frisby was super proud, especially of Jacob, who talked to his pen as he was writing so his pen knew where to go!