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F1 - Fuelling the Imagination!

F1 - Fuelling the Imagination!

Miss Frisby decided that we were going on a Gruffalo hunt today after we spotted a log pile house, last week, belonging to the snake from the story. We took our animal friends with us and decided that we would make a home for them in the woods because we are nice like that! However, Miss Frisby was very shocked to see 21 Gruffalos in the morning and 16 in the afternoon! But don’t worry, they were only Gruffalo heads that we made out of clay and stuck lots of natural resources in to make his features.  The children manipulated the clay until they had it the exact shape of a Gruffalo head and then their creative juices went into over drive!! Darcie-Rai used moss for the prickles, Brooke used a leaf for hair, but Jessica used grass. Reggie put a catkin on the top of his head for hair and Esmae used stones for eyes. They all looked so scary and the children were so engrossed in the activity with many tongues poking out as they concentrated really hard on their master piece! But in typical F1 style, the children’s imagination began to work overtime and Poppy’s turned into a dragon, Dexter’s was Batman and Brooke’s was a spider! I love the way they think!

We were so good at making homes for our animal friends to live in. We made a log pile house for the snake, an underground house for the fox and a nest for the owl in a tree top. They all looked very cosy in their new homes! We all needed a treat after working so hard and Mrs Bacon treated us to some Easter biscuits. They were yummy and were all different shapes like eggs,  carrots and rabbits. Some of our friends decided that they wanted to sit down on a log but it was a little bit too high to get on so, like last week, we decided to solve the problem.  Dexter said we could use a stool but unfortunately we couldn’t see one in the woods. George said use some steps which was really good thinking but again there were none in the woods. Casey said we needed a high thing and so we looked around and found a smaller log. It did the trick and the children were able to get on the log and were very happy! Sophie B was a little bit worried about getting off but we showed her how and she was so proud of herself and said, ‘I’m a big girl!'

The children were happy to be in the woods today, as they are every week, and they made music by banging on a log with their stick. Sofia was very tuneful and Isaiah pretended he was playing the drums and was a rock star. Kaiden picked up a log and pretended it was a guitar. We could definitely form a band, but I wonder what we could call ourselves? Joshua could be on the microphone with Charlie B because they never stopped singing! I wonder what is in store for our adventure next week. We’ll keep you posted. Look at our blog for more pictures of our exploration and leave us a comment.