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“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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F1 — Facing The Elements With A Smile!

F1 — Facing The Elements With A Smile!

As Kayden walked outside the Unit in his wellies he was singing, 'Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!' But he didn't really mean it and neither did any of the other children. We LOVED the rain and all the new experiences it provided because we have never experienced heavy rain the whole time we have been doing Tree-mendous Tuesday. You just need to see the smiling faces in the photos to understand the joy of being in the rain! Maybe you think we have been unlucky, but we think we were very lucky today to see the rain fall and allow us to splash in huge muddy puddles - Alaina, Gracie-Mai and Miss Frisby loved running through them! George and Esmae put their heads back and caught the rain drops in their mouth and Gracie-Mae put her hand under the guttering to feel the water whoosh through her fingers! We wondered why we weren't getting as wet in the woods and Sophie told us it was because of the trees! You are right, Sophie! The trees protected us from the rain. The day before was glorious sunshine and Miss Frisby had planned to lay on the ground in the woods and look up at the clouds and see what shapes and patterns we could see. But the only clouds in the sky on Tuesday were big black ones! A quick rethink then! Umm can we still lie on the floor? Yes, with our special mat. Can we still look up to the sky? Yes, but we might get a bit wet! So we took a parachute and made a canopy (our new word) Ask Eadah! And we lay and listened to the rain pitter pattering on to the parachute. And we had a biscuit supplied by Sofia!

I wonder if Mr Sunshine will come and visit us on one of our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventures because Mrs Bacon has ice pops that she bought for today which are now waiting patiently in the freezer for a warmer day. Oh, and we have a new big tee-pee tent that we bought, because Mrs P saw it and knew her F1 friends would love it!

But do you know what? Rain, shine, wind or hail, F1 are ready to face the elements head on with a smile on their face, a hot chocolate in one hand and a marshmallow in the other. It's what memories are made of!