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F1 - Fabulous Trip

F1 - Fabulous Trip


Wow! What a fabulous day we had on our trip. We learnt so much about new life and even saw an actual baby lamb being born! There were lots of baby calves too that had been born that day and the smell of the farm yard was quite strong for some of our friends’ little noses!

We learnt how to make cheese and Delilah took it home but wasn’t very keen. However, Emily, and her sister Sophie, loved it! Ask our friends what they did to turn the milk into actual cheese! We looked at wool that Simon, our educational group leader, had found in the farm yard and talked about how it was turned into the wool we see in the shops. We then used this wool to make some lovely book marks and the children showed great skill by wrapping it around the sticky bookmark. These have gone home with the children to use when they are doing their fabulous reading after school.

We ate our lunch inside and there were lots of chocolatey faces that Miss Frisby had to clean before we sang happy birthday to Gracie-Mai, because she was four! Then we went outside to eat our cake and have a little run around before it was home time.

All the children behaved fabulously and the parent and carer helpers rose to the challenge, as per usual, and got stuck in to ensure the children had the best experience possible. So thank you to all of you and we'll see you on the next one in July!