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F1 - Exploring the World Together

F1 - Exploring the World Together

It was a very wet Tree-mendous Tuesday but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits! We are an all-weather F1 group and we take rain in our stride. In fact, we love the rain because it means we can find lots of puddles to walk through and in the afternoon we found a huge one. Everyone walked through it and some went back for seconds - didn’t they Henri? Kayden put his hood up and he exclaimed, I’m all snuggled up!’ He certainly looked as snug as a bug in a rug! We noticed that our environment is starting to change as autumn is creeping in. Lexi-Jay pointed to the leaves which had started to turn red and Poppy noticed that some were changing to a yellow colour. Sophie looked at the floor and said it was ‘mucky’ which it certainly was as the rain had started to turn our path into mud which Rylee found out when he took a little tumble and had muddy hands much to his horror!

Miss Frisby decided that we would use our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure as an opportunity to use our listening ears to see what we could hear in the woods (if we managed to be quiet enough for two seconds to listen, which is almost impossible when there is so much to see and talk about!) Halle heard lots of birds, Annalise, Rylee and Dylan heard an aeroplane, Avah-Mae heard the rain and Kayden heard the other children! Mrs Fenton stamped her feet to make a loud noise which Logan thought was funny! Freya found an acorn and so did Evie. We love to collect things in the wood. Zuzanna collected sticks and Joshua and Gracie-Mai collected stones. Some of them were quite big and she stuffed them in her pockets. I hope you check her coat before you wash it, Mummy! Maiya, Sophie, Esmae, Joshua and Henri spotted a slug which was huge and we all had to take a closer look. Evie, Poppy and Daisy picked the dandelion clocks and blew off all their seeds. I hope they made a wish! Lexi-Jay and Delilah were happily chatting away and Lexi-Jay excitedly told me that she had seen Delilah in the King Billy pub which is very exciting news! Delilah was also happy about that and she was eager to tell Mrs Bacon about her hamster, Hammie! Halle talked about her pet dog, Marvin, who used to be naughty but isn’t anymore! The conversations they have with each other are fabulous and they are learning to listen to what others are saying and respond to them too. We learn so many life skills in the woods and it’s not just about exploring! Inside the woods the rain wasn’t too bad. Avah-Mae said it was because the leaves stop the rain. So we put our mat down, sat on it and had a drink and a party ring biscuit, kindly donated by Mrs Bacon. Yummy! Halle said it was half past seven! I don’t know where the times goes so it was time to head back and lots of singing was heard through the woods as a children sang ‘Rain, rain go away’, ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive,’ and ‘I hear thunder’. Do you think that is why it rained harder?! We got back to school for our fruit and hot chocolate and Poppy said, ‘When I get home, I’m going to take all my clothes off and put my PJs on!’ What a super idea, Poppy!

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