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F1 - Busy, Busy, Busy - Fun, fun, Fun...

F1 - Busy, Busy, Busy - Fun, fun, Fun...


F1 made their Christingle for the service that we had in school, although many of the sweets to represent the 'fruits of the earth' ended up in the children’s tummies before they made it on to the oranges!

They learnt what each piece of the Christingle represented. See if they can remember.


The Welly Walk was amazing and the children did so well to walk 5 laps of the school field, although Sofia did 7 laps and Eadah walked 6. The children had lovely rosie cheeks when they had finished! They did so well that Miss Frisby made the Tree-mendous  Tuesday treat, of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and Mrs bacon even brought whipped cream to go on top. All that walking was certainly worth it! Thank you for all your sponsor money towards our mud kitchen; we are still collecting if you have any more. Mrs Tweed donated some money from the sale of Santa plates that she had made. Thank you so much, everyone.


We headed off to the post box to post our Christmas list to Santa. Brooke wanted bubbles, Charlie Bierton was desperate for a bike, Olivia wanted a dolly and Junie really wished for make up powder! I hope Santa has a big sleigh! We wrote a letter telling Santa that we had been very good and that Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton, Mrs P and Mrs Bacon were very proud of us and we promised to go to bed early.


What a busy few days we have had!