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F1 - Bugs and the Gruffalo!

F1 - Bugs and the Gruffalo!

Tree-mendous Tuesday has been full of adventures this term. We discovered arrows and Joshua made his own - I wonder if they lead to some treasure. Jack spotted horse shoe prints in the mud which makes a change from our wellie marks! Daisy found a hole in a gate post and was determined to fill it with a stick but it had to be the right size, so Halle and Theo helped her to find the perfect stick. This was a problem solving activity that was totally devised by the child and solved with the help of her friends. The Characteristics of Learning were illustrated so well here and Miss Frisby had lots of evidence for their learning journeys. You do make me happy!
We went on a bug hunt and collected what we could find in nets and buckets and had a closer look with our binoculars and magnifying glasses, although we did have a shock when we had a closer look at each other!
We made sure no bugs were hurt in our investigations and were returned to their natural habitats.
We scoured the woods for natural resources to stick on our dream catchers and collected sticks (our favourite hobby!) to use to make the Gruffalo a shower curtain. Next we made perfume using natural resources we had found in the wood. Eat your heart out
Miss Dior and Channel our Eau de Toillete de Woods was so much more fragment and will be sold in perfumeries near you from Easter! This week we went on an Easter egg hunt in the woods. Miss Frisby and Mrs Bacon came running towards the children shouting with delight as they had met the Easter Bunny in the woods as he was delivering his chocolate eggs. They said he was big and cute with soft white fur and huge ears. They said that after he had hidden the eggs, he hopped off over the hedge to deliver more eggs! There were so many, so thanks to our Easter Bunnies at home for helping the Easter Bunny!
Finally, we had a challenge to climb over a log, which we all managed successfully, with the encouragement of our friends. How would you get all these experiences in a classroom? Our classroom is the outdoors and we learn so much and have loads of fun at the same time. We love Tuesdays!