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F1 - Aston Springs Farm Trip

F1 - Aston Springs Farm Trip

Last week we visited Aston Springs Farm on our final trip. It linked in with what we love in F1 which is exploring the outdoors and facing new challenges.

Pond dipping is something that we have never done before so we were all up for the challenge and what a fabulous time we had! We used our fishing nets and dipped them into the water with the help of Miss Frisby, Mrs Fenton and Mrs P and when we took our nets out we had lots of creepy crawlies in them. We emptied them into a plastic ice cream tub, that you kindly  supplied, and identified what was in there using an identification sheet.  We found tadpoles, some smooth newts and even some water boatmen. The children were amazed by what they could see and Sofia found the biggest tadpole which made her day! They were all so engrossed and captivated by what they put into their tubs. They showed their friends and then put them back in their home to swim away.

We all got creative and went to the pottery studio and met Sarah, who helped us make our very own clay animal. We had to roll out our clay and use leaves to make patterns in it. We then cut out a square and made an animal of our choice. Ava made a pig and there was a donkey, too. What animals can you recognise? Go on the blog for a closer look.

We got to meet all the animals on the farm including the donkeys, chickens, goats, sheep and pigs. We even got to feed them and Kate, one of the friendly members of staff, was on hand to tell us lots of interesting facts about them all. Ask me and see what I can remember?

Some of our friends got to hold a chicken and I'm sure the chickens loved the cuddles! The goats were eager to meet us all and were very greedy and tried to eat all our food! One of them nearly ate Stephen's hat! The piglets were so cute and ran up to the fence to say hello, although Charlie B and Kayden K liked the Daddy pig the best. Oink oink!

Thank you to all 22 helpers that came along to support us and ensure that things ran smoothly. Also, thank you to all the staff at Aston Springs Farm who were so kind and went out of their way to make it so enjoyable. And finally , I have to mention our F1 children who were fabulous and well behaved. They took so much from this experience and made many more F1 memories to store in their amazing brains!