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F1 are going to huff and puff and blow your house down!!

F1 are going to huff and puff and blow your house down!!

F1 has been turned into a zoo to support our new topic about animals. It looks fabulous and the children were so excited to explore it. But the most exciting part was the attached café which sells delicious sandwiches, a selection of cakes and jacket potatoes with various fillings. Come and have a look as one of our children takes your order as another one puts on their chef’s outfit to conjure up the culinary delight! Don’t forget to leave a tip!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was amazing because we had lots of jobs to do. We had to help the Three Little Pigs make their houses and hopefully keep out Mrs Fenton’s Wolf! The pigs had already begun their stick house so we added more sticks to finish the job. But the Wolf blew it down and we had to hurry along the path in the woods to the farmer’s field where we all made a house of straw. But again the Wolf blew it down so we put our thinking caps on and made a house that would be really strong out of stones. This did the trick and the pesky Wolf didn’t stand a chance! He did try to go down the chimney, but Avah-Mae made sure a pan of boiling water was underneath it and he burnt his bottom and ran off, never to be seen again! The story really came alive when the children actually used their senses to support the story by being part of it.

We have other news - all the food in our bird feeders has been eaten by the hungry birds, which we were all really happy about. We were very active too this week - well, there’s nothing new there! We found a fallen log and decided to climb on it. Miss Frisby encouraged the children to find ways to move along it and they used their arms to pull themselves along and then shuffled their bottom along. They were all really eager to have a turn and move themselves right up the log. The children were so brave and determined!

Look at our blog which has lots of posts about what exciting learning has taken place and please leave us a comment so we can share it with the children.

We also have a plea! Can you save any empty plastic washing up bottles for us and clear bubble bath bottles? Like the Radox ones as we are going to be filling the washing up bottles with coloured water to write with and the other bottles are being filled with pasta and rice to make our own musical instruments.