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F1 — Another Prince ...

F1 — Another Prince ...

Oh no! I made a mistake! It's not the end of our fairy tale. Another Prince is living in the Kingdom of Langold and he has also come to the rescue of the children in Foundation and made us an outstanding water feature which will be the catalyst for building                      concepts, developing language, and promoting social skills.  His name is Prince Chris and he is Lexi’s Daddy. It cost no shiny golden coins because her Grandpa, Prince Paul, donated lots of wood - the finest wood in all the land. This will make our outside provision even more exciting! We are so lucky!! 

Over the holidays the children were set some homework challenges and they certainly rose to the challenge. Our topic this term is Down at the bottom of the garden’. Some of the children made collages of mini beasts. Brooke made a spider and a butterfly, Lexi-Jay also made a butterfly collage, Stephen collaged lots of different mini beasts and Avah-Mae’s model snail was called Bob. They also had to look after their bean plant that we had planted at school. Some of them are enormous and are ready to plant in the garden. I think Memphis and Junie might be able to climb theirs soon! Kaiden was busy writing his name and Sofia, Hayden and Junie were practising their numbers. You will all be so ready for F2!

They also took a tub home (that many of you donated after you had eaten your yummy Chinese takeaway!) But it wasn’t any  ordinary tub. No! It was a story telling tub. Our friends had to fill it with props to help them re-tell a story that they loved, one they had made up or a nursery rhyme. Lexi’s favourite story of all time (that she listens to every night at bedtime!) is The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  She used her props to tell the story (word for word) using lots of different voices. It was mesmerising! Poppy re-told the story of Rapunzel and she had an amazing Rapunzel with very long hair. Sofia told us the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt.’ She used fabulous story language when she re-told it to all her friends.

We would like to say a huge Langold Dyscarr Community School welcome to all our new F1 children who have joined us this week. They have been superstars and have settled in really well to our busy, fun filled nursery life. It’s like we have known them forever. Say hello if you seem them in school.

Tree-mendous Tuesday was really tremendous and we went on an ‘adventure’ as Ava stated, as we set off. Miss Frisby was inspired by Michael Morpurgo and a book she read by him in the holidays called ‘Where my Wellies Take Me’ and she decided that we all would do that. Find out what happened by looking at our blog and leaving a comment.