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F1 - An Autumn Tree-mendous Tuesday!

F1 -  An Autumn Tree-mendous Tuesday!

This week we have been continuing learning about Autumn. We talked about different seasons and why each one is different. We know that in Autumn the colours of the leaves on the trees change and the weather gets a bit colder. On a beautifulAutumn day we headed off for our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure.

This week we headed into the allotments in Langold and met some horses, ducks and lots of chickens. Sofia thought it smelt funny! The horse made a very funny noise when it came to say hello which made Brooke laugh. She said it sounded like a pig! Dexter said that the duck was like the noisy duck from The Little Red Hen story we have been reading about.

We loved chasing our shadows around and making monster shapes. The trees had huge shadows and Ryan tried to catch his. Do you think he managed it?

One of the owners of an allotment dug up a potato from under the ground, we saw the soil covered with a blanket being prepared for winter and we found an egg that the chicken had laid. It was amazing; all the things we saw on our door step!

We stomped through the leaves and we loved the noises we made. We picked them up and threw them in the air and hunted for the biggest leaf we could find to use for our giant hedgehog collage.

Of course we had to have a biscuit and a hot chocolate after all our leaf stomping - it tires you out, you know!!

In Caterpillar Music we immersed ourselves in Autumn, again! We listened to Vivaldi’s Autumn and made leaves dance to the tune. We smelt leaves and tried to throw them in the air and catch them - it’s very tricky! We also looked at conkers and tried to polish them by rubbing them - there were lots of different shapes and sizes.

Our children have completed some amazing Harvest homework. Kaiden made cakes using flour, Myles made a collage of a scarecrow and Brooke drew a picture of her favourite meal. Lots of our friends have tried so hard with their homework and  they are all proudly displayed in the Foundation Unit.