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F1 - Action-Packed and Smothered in Fun!

F1 - Action-Packed and Smothered in Fun!

This week has been action packed in nursery, full of learning and smothered in fun! We have demonstrated lots of amazing moments in phonics with Miss Frisby, where we have been learning new sounds. Not only are we listening for initial sounds and identifying what they look like, but we are able to write them! Mrs Fenton’s group have been sound making in front of a mirror (which they loved!) to see how their lips moved; if their teeth and lips touched, or if their tongues popped out!

In maths Esmae, Maiya and Avah-Mae have been independently matching the Numicon shapes to the correct digits without Miss Frisby asking them to do it. You are fabulous!         On Fridays we have started to bake because not only is it fun (and tasty!) but we need to use lots of skills to ensure we are successful. We have to use maths to carefully count out the amounts of different ingredients and use the scales to ensure the measurements are correct. We even know what 100 looks like because we needed 100g of cornflakes in our cornflake cake  recipe.  There are always lots of new words that we have to learn and Kayden wanted to know how butter is made so Miss Frisby put a little video on the whiteboard to find out. We love discovering new things! We have to use our listening ears to make sure we put the right ingredients in the bowl when Mrs P tells us! Then, of course, we get to take our ‘Bake Off’ signature challenges home! On Friday, Freya also had her scooter to go home on. Her Mummy commented on the blog that Freya didn’t know whether to go on her scooter or eat her bun because obviously this is a difficult choice as they are both amazing things to do! In the end she compromised and had a scoot, stopped, had a bite of her bun and then another scoot! I like your style Freya!

Suretots was fabulous this week; we are getting very confident on the apparatus and are using our arms to help us balance. We sing lots of action songs and use tap sticks to tap along to regular rhythms and beats. Miss Frisby especially loves the action song 'Tumbletots are great!

Last, but definitely not least, we had our Tree-mendous Tuesday adventure! This week autumn has certainly arrived and the leaves on the trees have turned lots of different colours. There were even horse chestnuts covering the woodland floor. They looked like tiny hedgehogs and many of our friends held one in their hands although Henri said, ‘It’s hurting my fingers!’ and Jack said, ‘It’s spiky!’ Delilah wasn’t too sure, but her finger edged towards the one Mrs Bacon was holding and she finally dug deep and found the confidence to hold it. She was super proud and so were we! We named it Hammie Hedgehog after her pet hamster! We all had a footprint cut out of card, with a sticky strip down the middle; we collected lots of natural objects to stick on it and tried to find as many colours as we could. What a busy day!                                                                                                                                             Our friends are only 3 and 4 years old but they manage to really engage in so many learning opportunities and are growing into learners for life! You are the best!