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F1 - A Walk by the Lake

F1 - A Walk by the Lake

What a fabulous day we had at Langold Lake! The sun was shining, the wildlife was out and Mrs Bacon brought us lots of treats! But we did work really hard for them. We must have walked a hundred miles around the Lake and I'm sure there were some very tired little legs that night!

As we walked along, we looked up and there wasn't a cloud in the blue sky and we had hats and sun cream on and we were ready to spend time with Mr Sunshine, we couldn't have picked a better day! We walked across the school field and into the wood that was still a little bit muddy and onto the lovely stone path. Brooke and Olivia collected moss from the woods but it got cold in Brooke's hand so she threw it on the floor! As we carried on walking we could smell the strong scent of the wild garlic. I wonder if we should try it in our mud kitchen recipes!

Then we were at the entrance to the Lake and our adventure really began! Eadah spotted a duck with a purple face and soon lots of other ducks and swans came to say hello but they soon got fed up with us because we had no food for them (but we had plenty of food for ourselves!) The swans had a baby with them. See if you can find out what they are called.

We had a talk, before we walked around the Lake, about the dangers of water and how important it is to stay away from the edge. And all our children were fabulous because it is so different to being in the woods when the children have more freedom to explore. They listened and kept to the boundaries. Miss Frisby heard Memphis say, 'My Mummy said the water is very deep' as he kept his partner safe away from the water.  I wouldn't want to go in the water anyway because Isaiah said there were sharks in there. Other children said they saw sea monsters and crocodiles. We even saw a pirate ship and Brooke said that the piece of grass in the middle of the Lake was an island! Oh how vivid imaginations are! Wouldn't you love to live in the world of a three or four year old where anything is possible?

As well as the birds singing in the trees, the ducks quacking and the geese honking, Ava and Hayden were singing, 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden' and Poppy and Nanny Val were crooning, 'Five little Ducks' what lovely sounds were all around.

We had many pit stops to re-fuel because walking around the Lake is hard work you know! Mrs Bacon supplied ice pops which were very refreshing in the heat of the sun and she also brought some delicious sandwiches. Later on we had another stop for a biscuit and another for an apple and a drink. Our energy levels were soon back to normal and we were able to run after the huge bubbles that Mrs P and Mrs Bacon were producing from the massive bubble wands Mrs Bacon had secretly stashed in her rucksack! The children spotted a baby frog which Mrs P picked up so we had a closer look and then released and Isaac said it had gone back to its Mummy and Daddy. We are so lucky to live near such a fabulous environment where we can explore the wildlife and our surroundings. Thank you to everyone who came and helped on our adventure. We really appreciate you!

I wonder how we can top this adventure... don't worry Miss Frisby has her thinking cap on!