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“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Exciting Times in FSU!

The F1 environment has undergone an exciting and  ‘wild’ transformation. The children are loving, and sharing, their  environment with The Gruffalo and The Wild Things’! They even have a Where The Wild Things Are boat— WOW!

We love to feed their imagination.


F2 have also been very busy. The F2 ‘giraffes’ had a lovely walk to the library—they walked so quickly that they arrived before opening time! However, Miss Frisby treated them to a cake while they waited!                                                                                                                                                      


In the classroom, the story of The Gruffalo has inspired some beautiful literacy. Piper wrote a fantastic sentence about ‘scrambled snake’ - amazing, Piper! In Caterpillar Music we met the characters from The Gruffalo story -  some of us found it very life-like indeed!!!

Later on, we had even more fun playing outside and experiencing the properties of ‘lovely, cold snow!’ - working together to make a snowman!


Gruffalo Crumble and Owl Ice Cream -Yum!

We had lots of fun making Gruffalo Crumble - we have included the recipe so you can make it at home, too. We read the recipe together and followed the instructions—we spotted all the imperative verbs (bossy words)!                                                                                                                     Our portion of ‘Gruffalo’ even included teeth!! Can you spot them?

Delicious with ‘Owl Ice Cream’!